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"Tom Acevedo of Dorchester is a master Acrylic Painter. His ability to paint chiaroscuro is flawless..."
- Laurence Bradshaw. -- Upstream Peoples Gallery - January 2015

Fusion Art Prize winner, 12/18/2015@The Prince St Gallery

2015: Upstream People Gallery Award of Excellence for “Flying the Coop” 2014: I.L.M. Chuck Reslow Award for Artistic Excellence 2013: Art Fusion International Art Competition Winner 2010: Only Originals Gallery, CF Samsel – National Invitation Grand Prize Winner Spirit Magazine Fall Arts Issue "Discriminating Art "
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My current paintings are somewhat autobiographical, an expression of what Im working through in my life. "Breaking the Bonds" was painted during one of the most difficult times in my recovery when I realized I had to let go of some of my shortcomings. "Leaving Paradise" addresses the questions of why I am always looking outside of myself for something that can only be found inside and right where my feet are standing.

I paint because it is the only thing I know that I need to do, when my mind is not in the past or the future but in the moment. Because I feel, I paint. It is a gift for me and one from the universe and in the past 20 years that gift was squandered and ignored. It is only in these past two years that I have begun to paint again for myself. Painting for me is meditative, cathartic, and emotional. I truly feel I am blessed to have this venue for expression. If I can connect with one person through my painting I am happy.

My Paintings are Figurative. I love the male form and expressing a quiet vulnerability and masculinity at the same time. The paintings are figurative painting but I try to transfer an emotion or a stage of my spiritual growth onto the canvas. Layer by layer I apply acrylic paint and glaze building references to the emotion I am trying to express. In spite of its personal nature, my work relays a struggle with lifes trials and burdens that is universally felt and understood.

With each painting I attempt to challenge myself with lighting and with exaggerated, twisting poses that appear disturbing without being offensive. I would like to bring a beauty that is deeper than the physical a emotional, universal touching of the soul while telling a story, to connect with the viewer. Isnt that what every artist wants?

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