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Many of the paintings have been featured in Capolovaro limited edition collectors book. As Well as "Art Of Man" 13th Edition.
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Professionally Framed (Black ) Canvas Giclee Reproduction. 24x30 300.00 18x 24 200.00

Canvas sizes

Hopes and Wishes

Inspired by a sentence from "Never Ending Story" I can not tell you what it was but that it stuck . It has been 2 years , churning in my head . Like all paintings I have mixed feelings on its out come , but with its final brush stroke I was able to say " you are done" and I love you , it is time to make someone happy .

Original or reproduction Pricing

ON SALE "Meleripa"

original acrylic on canvas 24 x30 painted 2012

Colt 24x24

At the point of painting "COLT i wanted to paint something that was not challenging . Not challenging in subject or technical ability . But that was not the case . What I thought would be a easy painting challenged me technically and too longer then I had thought. Photographed in a local park in Boston and then made nude on canvas I was inspired by the awkward proportions and vulnerability of a new born horse .

Original or reproduction Pricing

The Subject 24x30

I was inspired by the masters and the way they try to draw the viewer in , make them feel part of the painting . While they do it subtly I hit you over the head .

The Ivory Tower @Gallery Galatea Harrison ave Boston Aug

The emptiness and loneliness many people feel is because they have "traded off" authentic, genuine and intimate relationships for wealth accumulation and consumption.

Magic of Distraction 24x36

Magic of Distraction 24x36 acrylic on canvas. These things seem to be the basis of many of my paintings , this inability to see past the conjuring of our own self will . How distracting our little cares and worries and how troublesome are our old tools we have acquired that help distract us fro the beauty or in the original concept the trouble that is all around us . Like many of my paintings, this one morphed as it became real. Originally there was supposed to be a shark in the back ground.

The Protege

In Private Collection , 24x30 signed reproduction available upon request . Allow 3 to 4 weeks for production and delivery . 330.00


All of my life I have created " places of safety " armor that protects us and in so many instances keeps us from seeing the world outside of our very limited view . Its a constant struggle to not stay comfortable in our box of self talk and delusion . we see just a piece of the world .

Blind Faith Inventory clearance

This is the first Painting I painted after 25 years of not touching a canvas .This and a few other Original paintings further down on this page are marked for clearance .


Inspired by those safe places I found as a kid. Creating beauty in a box that kept me from everything out side .



Flying The Coop

Original available at GreenLeaf Gallery and Gift Shop 121B Berwick St. Beaver Meadows, Pennsylvania or on facebook @

The Conjurer of Mara

Acrylic on Canvas

Allegory of the Cave. Available in 18x24 Framed reproduction

18x20 - Acrylic on Canvas Featured in target="_blank">Capolovaro Fine Art Book

sold "Sirens Song " contact 4 reproduction information

20x24 - Acrylic on canvas
Number 4 in the reflection series

The Visito

24x30 - Acrylic on canvas
Part of the "Reflection Series"

Idle Hands @ Woodman/Shimko Gallery

feeling " boxed in " , limited by what the public thinks, and wanting to but through misconception . This painting was inspired by the underlying prejudice of a contemporary public towards the male nude . Idle Hands 16x20 - Acrylic on Canvas


30x24 - Acrylic on Canvas

SALE The Collector

36x36 - Acrylic on Canvas -Can be seen at he Woodman Shimko Gallery 388 Commercial street Provincetown Ma


With an ever increasing bag of spiritual tools at my hands , consciousness, compassion, self awareness , taking responsibility for my actions , I have these moments of Respite more and more before im pulled back into life and the chaos that I am so good at creating inside my mind . Respite 24X30 - Acrylic on Canvas

The Prudent Man. Available in 24x30 framed canvas repro

Featured in the Collectors Book Cappollavaro Cautious and not distracted if we are conscious and present , mindful and on track we can make the right decisions . As you see there are two suns, two shiny objects my favorite bumper sticker was " easily distracted by shiny objects " , my inspiration :)

Reproduction sizes

Allegory of the Cave

24x18 - Acrylic on Canvas


24x30 - Acrylic on Canvas

Jai Heart

27x24 - Acrylic on Canvas


Acrylic on Canvas

Breaking the Bonds

32x33 - Acrylic on Canvas


SALE Pouty Boy

12x18 - Acrylic on Canvas

SOLDTaking Inventory

32x27 - Acrylic on Canvas

International Fine Arts Competition Winner


24x18 - Acrylic on Canvas

A Power Greater

20x40 - Acrylic on Canvas


30x36 - Acrylic on Canvas

Chasing Butterflies

30x34 - Acrylic on Canvas



Sunday Morning

18x24 - Acrylic on Canvas


SOLD The Secret

24x30 - Acrylic on Canvas
Inventory Sale - 650.00

Letting Go

25x32 - Acrylic on Canvas
Private Collection



Ascension SOLD

22x28 - Acrylic on Canvas


24x28 - Acrylic on Canvas
Special Liquidation Price Original - 450.00





Private Collection



SOLD Leaving Paradise

30x42 - Acrylic on Canvas
Studio Sale - 700.00

The Genvievewingback

Wire Sculpture 8"
Tall 50.00

Barbed B Doll

12 in tall

Dream Catcher

1.5' Diameter
200.00 SOLD

Custome Sphere lighting and Sculpture. Beside the Sculpture below . These are made to order with clear crystals , color specifications are invited man made beads , woven together with copper and sculpture . A collection of vintage crystals and Create dramatic one of a kind lighting . Use more than one for A collection of vintage crystals and pendant lighting , Larger Spheres of Barbed Wire also available for garden and Large areas.

Solar Flair

1 Diameter 200.00